Back to school



You’ve probably already worked that out from the endless back to school videos on youtube or from your local stationery shop going crazy with sales that it is back to school time. Anyway in this blog I will be telling you about my back to school essentials.

First of all, I am a 12-year-old student starting year 8. However, my school goes up to year 8 all the way from nursery so I am still at primary school. This year is my common entrance year, common entrance is an exam that everyone has to take for 13+ entrance into secondary school.

  1. My school bag: my school has a set school bag with the school logo on that everyone has to use to bring their books to school and back. So I have the plain old boring backpack as everyone else in my school.
  2. Clear Popper Wallets: I use these for my homework because sometimes teachers don’t supply you with homework folders and it all ends up getting crumpled up and destroyed and nearly always lost. (I copied this idea from a friend of mine)
  3. My trusty old pencil case: I have a very simple and small pencil case because then I won’t raid WHSmiths and waste 50 quid. I have two bic 4way pens (The light one and the basic one) A pencil, rubber and highlighter. (All the basics to be honest)
  4. My A4 Pukka Pad: I have an A4 Pink/Blue pukka pad which I use for homework, projects, revision and for giving to my friends because I’m always the only one with paper! I love this pukka pad and would highly recommend it. It comes in a bargain £5 set from Tescos.
  5. My emergency kit: I have an emergency kit in my bag because I seem to be very unprepared and I never have lip balm or a hair bobble etc. So I have a small makeup bag from Oliver Bonas with a blue, orange, pink and grey leopard print on it. Inside there is my baby lips sport lip balm in seas the blue, my extra gum in the spearmint flavour, my Nivea travel size sun cream with an SPF of 30, my soap and glory hand maid (which is a hand gel), some blackcurrant strepsils, some plain black hair bobbles and a miniature hairbrush.


Thank you very much for listening to my very basic back to school blog for 2017, please read more of my posts and click the follow button.

Lexi xx

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