Hi, guys!

Today I’m gonna be doing my hair care routine as part of beauty blog month.-(April)

I’ve decided that each month I’m gonna have a different theme on my blog. This month is beauty Month, May will probably be DIY. I’m gonna try and post once a week minimum. (Sorry if I ever seem inactive, I’m very busy this term at school)

So for hair care routine I normally use Herbal Essences Dazzling shine shampoo, which has a citrus scent. (Picture below)

I lather that in my hair and then I simply just wash it out.

The second thing I use is the conditioner for this shampoo, which also has a citrus scent. (Picture below)

I brush it out, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it all out.

Occasionally I will use the hair mask for this set which is one that you wash out. (Picture below)

My Method for using it: leave in for five minutes, brush your hair and wash it all out.

The last product I use is my curling mousse. I use the VO5 smoothly does it heat defense mousse.

(Picture below)

I rub this in my hair til it is all in my hair, then I go and curl.

The curling wand I use is the babyliss curling wand pro, it comes with a glove and has different heat settings. (Picture below)

I also have the Babyliss pro crimper, which also has multiple heat settings. (Picture Below)

Lastly is my Remington hair dryer. this hairdryer has lasted me over a year and is STILL going strong! (Picture below)

 Thank for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed reading it.
Lexi xxx

P•S I avoid using products on my hair as much as possible that is why I have so little.


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