So today I’m gonna be reviewing the LUSH don’t look at me face mask. I bought this four days ago when I went shopping with my friend☺️.

I’m gonna start off by washing my face and hands and tying my hair back.

When opened it smells like lemon and looks like a body scrub more than a face mask. If you want to go ahead and apply to your body do just that, as stated on the tub.

Next, I’m gonna apply it to my face. Being careful because you don’t want to rub it in too much.

 I’ve applied it heavily on my nose and some of my cheeks because that is where my skin seems to go bad, but on my forehead and chin, I’ve applied very little because that is where my skin tends to be good.
After it has all been applied leave it on for 10-15 minutes. When it is dry remove it using normal water and whatever tool you want.

After I take off a face mask I usually apply some moisturizer to clean off my face of any unwanted dirt. Today I’m using my trusty amie matte finish moisturizer

Thank you guys for reading this. I highly recommend this product.

Lexi xxx


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