Hi, guys!

So to start with you really liked my review on the shower jelly from LUSH. I’ve decided to review another product: the bubblegum lip scrub, also from LUSH.

This smells of bubblegum and feels exactly like a body scrub.

This is how it says to use it:

1. Open and put a decent amount on your finger.

2.Apply to lips and keep scrubbing them until you no longer have any of the scrub on your finger.

3.Apply your favourite lip balm and smooth onto your lips.

This always makes my lips feel really smooth and I just… u know luuuv it!

Sorry for the short blog xx

Lexi xx



Hi, guys!

Today I’m gonna be doing my hair care routine as part of beauty blog month.-(April)

I’ve decided that each month I’m gonna have a different theme on my blog. This month is beauty Month, May will probably be DIY. I’m gonna try and post once a week minimum. (Sorry if I ever seem inactive, I’m very busy this term at school)

So for hair care routine I normally use Herbal Essences Dazzling shine shampoo, which has a citrus scent. (Picture below)

I lather that in my hair and then I simply just wash it out.

The second thing I use is the conditioner for this shampoo, which also has a citrus scent. (Picture below)

I brush it out, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it all out.

Occasionally I will use the hair mask for this set which is one that you wash out. (Picture below)

My Method for using it: leave in for five minutes, brush your hair and wash it all out.

The last product I use is my curling mousse. I use the VO5 smoothly does it heat defense mousse.

(Picture below)

I rub this in my hair til it is all in my hair, then I go and curl.

The curling wand I use is the babyliss curling wand pro, it comes with a glove and has different heat settings. (Picture below)

I also have the Babyliss pro crimper, which also has multiple heat settings. (Picture Below)

Lastly is my Remington hair dryer. this hairdryer has lasted me over a year and is STILL going strong! (Picture below)

 Thank for reading my blog I hope you enjoyed reading it.
Lexi xxx

P•S I avoid using products on my hair as much as possible that is why I have so little.


So today I’m gonna be reviewing the LUSH don’t look at me face mask. I bought this four days ago when I went shopping with my friend☺️.

I’m gonna start off by washing my face and hands and tying my hair back.

When opened it smells like lemon and looks like a body scrub more than a face mask. If you want to go ahead and apply to your body do just that, as stated on the tub.

Next, I’m gonna apply it to my face. Being careful because you don’t want to rub it in too much.

 I’ve applied it heavily on my nose and some of my cheeks because that is where my skin seems to go bad, but on my forehead and chin, I’ve applied very little because that is where my skin tends to be good.
After it has all been applied leave it on for 10-15 minutes. When it is dry remove it using normal water and whatever tool you want.

After I take off a face mask I usually apply some moisturizer to clean off my face of any unwanted dirt. Today I’m using my trusty amie matte finish moisturizer

Thank you guys for reading this. I highly recommend this product.

Lexi xxx


Hi, guys today I’m gonna just be listing my monthly faves. Comment down below if you have any ideas for future blogs. xx

1.App~musical.ly. an app where you create 15-second music videos, all music is free on the app. I would go as far as describing it as ‘a better version of Dubsmash’. You can change the speed of the music as well so you can fit more in.

free~App Store/play store

2.shop~Nike. Sports wear is trendy right now so finishing off your Adidas designer outfit with some stylish running trainers is a great idea. And when you are working out in your stylish new clothes I recommend listening to a tove lo playlist while you run xx.

nike.com -main website   store locater-find your nearest store

3.artist~ZAYN and Jessie J. Watch out cuz ZAYN is hitting the charts (Pillowtalk, like I would-ring a bell) while Jessie has been quiet recently apart from her small job in pitch perfect 2 so watch out for her.

PILLOWTALK – ZAYN’s debut single    flashlight – Jessie’s newest single

4.Tv~The Durrels. A new tv series which is based on the original book I recommend giving this a go. (Episode 1 was aired on last Sunday so quickly get onto ITVplayer and check the first episode out.

The Durrels~ITV Sunday’s~8pm     S1 E1 – the most recent episode of The Durrels

5.iphone se~try checking this out it may be small but it’s better than any other small phone. It has the same programming as the 6s. Including 3D touch, so impress your friends with this little secret.

prices start from £534~iphone se   pricing for se


Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Lexi xx